Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 SMR 26

Today was the C4 Mount Diablo Time Trial.  P-1-2 was the first wave and the first guy was scheduled to start at 8am, so I started at 7:30 hoping to beat him.  Success!

I was tempted to ride up the starting ramp, but the official was lying down on the platform to block me.

Wildlife Encounter:  A lizard playing chicken with me - darted across the road below the Bump

There were a lot of centerline cops set up for the race - cones around several bends, etc.  I think the road was closed to traffic but they let bike riders up even if they weren't part of the race.  One of the judges was cheering me on... right.

My initial plan was to go up but at the Junction I decided to do a Bump de Bump.

Here I am showing some South Gate dudes a clean pair of heels.  Also, watch for doodoo head in Subaru wagon.

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Mike said...

Went to watch a little and shoot some pictures - took the motorcycle but the road was indeed closed to motor vehicles. Shot a few at the start ramp and rode up SG and walked down to shoot a few closer to towards the finish