Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 SMR 02

Bad headache this morning, made riding a little less enjoyable, but a headache and a ride is better than a headache and no ride.

JB wasn't at the Gate so I posted a rock.  Turns out he passed me while I was at Round Top eating my Clif Bar... ran into him near the Summit as he was coming down.

The day started off cool but sunny, then the fog rolled in so it got quite a bit colder.

These two guys passed me in about
the same spot last week -
I even posted a similar picture in
last week's blog entry.

There were a bunch of Rivendell types on
The Mountain this morning.

Yeah, here's the fog.

From Round Top picnic area you get a bigger
perspective on this area of fire damage.

I thought this photo of the radio antenna piercing
the sun was going to look cooler than it does now
that I see it on the screen.

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