Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 SMR 04

Beautiful day - lots of people wearing shorts and no jackets.

Looks like they're about done with the
Lower Summit Lot Picnic Area -
viewing spots, tables, grilles, and a new bathroom.

Then on the way down, near the Turtle Ranch there was a rider down.  Folks coming up warned us of the situation so we were going slow.  There were two bikes, one ranger truck, and one auto stopped there.  The ranger was helping the downed rider (who was in the ditch at a hairpin) and holding his head carefully like he suspected a neck injury.  The other bike rider was just standing there, and the two guys with the car didn't look scared or nervous or anything so I'd guess they weren't involved... but I have no idea really.  Another ranger pickup was coming down with his siren on.

A little ways below that a paramedic fire truck and an ambulance were coming up... so that's plenty serious.

When you see something like this, you say of course that can't happen to you... but you know it really can... and you're maybe a little extra careful for a while.  A half mile from home I was leaning in to a right turn and hit a patch of something wet and slippery and my rear wheel went sideways for a couple feet.  I managed to recover, but I was damn close to hitting the floor.  Probably the guy on Diablo isn't as good of a bike handler as me, so I don't have to worry.

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