Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 Ride to Believe In

This was a charity ride put on by a church - a friend from work was volunteering for it and he asked me to do it and I agreed because he's a good guy it goes over Diablo anyway.

The check in at Sports Basement was really slow... the flyers said start at 8 am, but I guess that was just what time check in opened... we didn't roll until well after 9.

Pre-ride safety lecture included a prayer, and there were Bible verses on all the handouts but other than that it was just a bunch of friendly people who talked about cycling.

There were a couple hundred people at the start, but only about 15 opted for the Diablo loop.  After sizing everybody up I figured I was in the top 3 or 4 guys for speed and experience.  There were two guys who were talking about Ironmans and half-Ironmans and I couldn't quite stay with them, so I was between them and the next couple guys a few minutes back once things broke up on The Mountain.

Coming up to Chainbuster I thought one of the RTBI riders was catching me so I dug kind of deep to stay ahead but when he did catch me, I saw that it was a different guy on an electric-assist bike, like this one:
Pretty cool looking, and it looked like he was having fun.
I couldn't do the whole 100km so I turned around for home at the rest stop in Danville.  The rest stop had some nice drinks but no good food, and there was no post-ride meal at Sports Basement, so I just went home and worked on my garden.

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