Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014 SMR 12

Didn't quite feel up to a Summit today - but a Bump d'Bump was perfect.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer on Burma

I realized today that every single time I come out of the saddle for a little extra power, I use exactly the same technique - I sort of pull myself up while stepping down with my left foot.  I never realized that I do this the same way every time until it started to hurt every time I did it because of crashing on my left side.

Lots of club rides coming up NGR - maybe training for tomorrow's Summit Ascent Time Trial

This guy had the most extreme toes-down
pedaling technique I've ever seen.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys on SGR

I'm not 100% recovered yet, but I'm enjoying being on the bike.

Product Review:  Schubros Brewery Diablo Dark Stout

Pretty good, not much different from dozens of other craft brewery stouts; not too much roastiness, a little too much carbonation, a little too much hop in the finish... but pretty good.  

Diablo Dark Stout gets a 9 out of 10 on the DiabloScott Stout Rating Scale.  It's really an 8 but I gave it an extra point for being named after Diablo.

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