Saturday, September 06, 2014

2014 SMR 28

Somehow wound up at the Gate about 10 minutes early - almost decided to get a head start on JB but then was joined by special guest... RICK.

Rick's been tearing it up in the NorCal criterium and road race circuit and has all the points he needs to be a Cat 2 but is waiting until some more of his team mates get theirs as well so they can make a big statement and all cat up at once.

Wildlife Encounter:  at least four deer at the bottom of The Bump.

Slummin it with the slow guys.

JB turned around at Junction for some kind of family function in The City.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys at the Upper Ranch.

We decided to call this stump "The Totem Pole"
 Tarantula Tally:  two flat ones.
Peak heart rate up The Wall was almost
three beats per second.  Anybody impressed?

Rick gives the best leadouts:

DipsSprint from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.


AZWildcat said...

Scott - great music for the video.

Diablo Scott said...

>Blogger AZWildcat said...
>Scott - great music for the video.

Thanks, whoever you are. I also kind of like that I started it just as Rick is coming around... neat effect.

Music is "Massive" by joi - Forgot to give the credit.

AZWildcat said...

Thanks Scott. We haven't met, but I've been stalking your blog and Strava for a few years. I live 5 minutes from North Gate and ride the mountain at least once a week.