Sunday, December 07, 2014

Another Broken Ribs Update

It's now been seven weeks since my crash.  Friday was my first day with no pain pills, but I'm still going to have a bottle of Ibuprofen with me all the time.

I've been riding to work for a week and a half - kind of scary because the trail is covered with wet, decomposing leaves that are slippery and hide the edges of the path.  On Wednesday I hit a bump and one of my lights fell off the mount and rolled into the ditch somewhere... here's how I had it set up...

Two Planet Bike Blaze lights - 1/2 Watt each, 45 lumens each.
They don't rotate so finding the perfect spot to mount them
on my sweepy handlebars was kind of a chore.

So I decided I'd had enough of the low-middle range of headlights and did some research and bought a NiteRider Lumina 750.  That's right, 750 lumens... 16 times as much light as a Blaze.  So now I have this:

The Blaze light shines up for visibility and to give some perspective.
The NiteRider shines mostly down so I can see the road right in
front of me - it works great.

The NiteRider Lumina also has a swivel feature so you can mount it
anywhere you want and still point it any direction you want...
big plus especially for me.

Friday morning I got stung by a bee while I was locking up my bike at work.  Bstrd was inside my jacket and stung me through my shirt so I didn't take the full dose of venom but it hurts like the dickens and it swelled up and turned bright pink.

I might've tried riding Diablo on Saturday but it's been so rainy and wet that I'm still too nervous... next week probably... that 8-week healing time turns out to be right again.

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Midland said...

Glad your at least getting to ride to work. Hope your all healed up soon and back on Diablo.