Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 SMR 35

JB texted me this morning to say he was staying home with a sore throat.  I allowed myself an extra 20 minutes to get ready and for it to warm up a little bit.  35°F at 8am... mite chilly.

I wasn't sure if I'd make the Summit today but that was my objective.  Ten weeks since my rib crash, and the ribs didn't hurt at all after the two ibuprofens kicked in.  On Christmas Day though, I had a kind of scary bout of vertigo and I don't think that's completely gone away either... very weird sort of out-of-body sensation so I promised myself I'd be real careful and not ignore the signs if it started happening again.

Saturday Morning Shoutout:  Smooth Joey on Summit Road.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer near Little Pine Creek

So climbing wasn't much of a problem other than 10 weeks of lost fitness.  Descending though was a little spooky - didn't feel natural, had to concentrate on every little movement, had all the sensations of a brick on a skateboard.  Made it home safe anyway - success.

Salted Watermelon GU - truly tasty, thanks Santa!

New outhouse at Muir -
same as the old one that burned down in the big fire,
but NEW and clean.

Rain + cold weather = clear blue sky

The Curious Tale of the Malfunctioning Flight Deck

I have always had a Flight Deck computer on my Klein. This unit uses special buttons under your brake hoods to cycle through the computer functions instead of buttons on the face of the unit like most of them.  It also knows what gear you're in and has a little display for that so you don't have to look back at your cassette.  Not everybody likes them and they never really caught on in big way, but I've gotten used to it.  

Sometime after my pelvis crash in March, the buttons stopped working; I still had speed and odometer and gear indicator, but I couldn't scroll to the stopwatch or trip distance functions.  I figured I somehow mangled the little wires that go under your handlebar tape.  I got used to the limited functionality and I have Strava on my phone for GPS trip data anyway, so I figured I could live with that - but also considered switching out to a Garmin cyclocomputer or something similar.  

Some time after my rib crash in October, the battery went dead in my Flight Deck and I changed it out and reset all the inputs.  But I didn't realize until TODAY, that the buttons magically started working again.  Maybe it just needed that new battery (even though the LoBatt indicator never came on).  Or maybe when I re-wrapped the bars in November I somehow unmangled the little wires that go under the handlebar tape.  At any rate, I got my functionality back, but didn't get to use it today because I didn't figure it out until half-way through the ride.

Last night I searched on POV videos of riding Diablo on YouTube and they all suck.  Mine (on Vimeo) are way more interesting.  Come on... go ahead and watch.   

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Rick said...

Scott, I like the rear view perspective. Not many videos show it this way and it is different and good. The strobe effect on the spokes is cool.