Thursday, January 01, 2015

2.015 New Year's Day Morning Summit

Best of the New Year to all my readers!

Really cold, but not as bad as they were predicting.  No problem for experienced cyclists.

I passed through the Gate at about 7:40.  Hardly saw anyone on the way up, but scores of riders climbing when I was coming down.  Not sure why this "crack-o-dawn" idea hasn't caught on.  The runners seem to like getting an early start though.

Diablo Shoutouts: Keith, Smooth Joey, Punkin Jay, a few others I probably forgot.

Post your photos on the MDSP Facebook page!

Do people ride Mt. Tam on Jan 1?

Sun came up, sky was blue.

Good morning San Francisco!
Party on 

I always like the way
Strava profiles look on my phone...
make it seem steeper.

19 KOM's!
New Strava feature for best of year.

Selfius obligitorus


NYD 2015 from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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Curtis Corlew said...

Well done, and to think you are barely recovered. You made me feel guilty. It was so cold here I didn't head out to the mountain. I guess it was doable. But how was that ride down?