Saturday, January 03, 2015

2015 SMR 01

After just having done the Summit on Thursday for New Year's, I managed to convince myself a Junction ride was enough.

Yeah, cold enough for one Belgian Hardman Point

I'm still feeling a little out of sorts related to the vertigo thing on Christmas.  I have to be really careful and concentrate on every little movement.  It was a slooooow descent.

Wildlife Encounter:  Deer near the old nursery.

Roadkill Report:  Raccoon on Bancroft center divide

Roadkill Report:  Skunk at Moss Landing

Somebody tell me if that's a thing.

Diablo Shoutout to: Keith!  Not sure why he's on a mountain bike... Christmas present?

And another Diablo Shoutout to: Mike!  

My fingers and toes still haven't warmed up.

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Keith said...

Scott, being mentioned on your blog is an honor! I got the mountain bike summer of 2013, and did some trail riding today. Burma Road goes right, just below the 1000 foot sign. Fun diversion. Cheers!