Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 SMR 04

I'll be glad when the sun starts rising earlier because it's right in my eyes most of the way out to The Mountain... all the way down Bancroft and NGR up to the Gate.

Then, it started to get too warm for my jacket and tights... no biggie, just a little uncomfortable.

Then it started to get crazy windy.  This ride was just no fun at all.

I quit at the Junction but JB said he was going up.  Then I got a puncture at Big Shady Oak and while I'm fixing it JB comes back down... said he got up to Blue Oak and the wind was getting worse so he threw in the towel.

This guy hardly noticed the wind.

This guy dropped his banana.

Then banana guy caught us and we rode together to Junction.


Flat tire repair spot.

Dip Sprint!  (smoked em)

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