Wednesday, August 05, 2015

2015 WNR 16

Evan forgot his bike today... brought all his clothes and gear and forgot his bike.  I offered him my loaner and first he said "sure, great", then he backed out.  Said "If I forgot my bike, I must be sleep deprived... I should go home and go to bed early."

Charlie said his wheels felt funny.
Tarantula Tally:  ONE - near the Boundary Gate

Shawn's been riding a lot and I think he PB'ed today.  I take some credit for coaching him.

Yeah... I'm dropping you slackers.

Me and Kevin planned to do an interval on Segment 5... he had way more than I did.

Way too much BS'ing at Junction.

Kevin went hard from the Bump and then flatted at the Ranger House.  Needed a tire boot and Charlie taught him the dollar bill trick... except with a $20.

I followed Kevin down in case his tire gave him a problem.

New Century - you should totally sign up!!!!  Supports veteran programs.  Alternate to Foxy's on the same day... harder and prettier - includes Patterson Pass and Mines Rd.

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