Saturday, August 01, 2015

2015 SMR 27

Missed Wednesday Night's Ride, because HOT.  That's the first time this year that I didn't ride because of the weather.

Last week I was spotted on my way home by Blog Reader "Big D" who will now be enjoying his celebrity status from my posting his photo.

Big D

This guy has been a Saturday Morning Regular for a couple months now, so I decided to introduce myself.  His name is Bharat and he rides a flat-bar Trek... look for him and say "hi".  Welcome to the Diablorati, buddy.


A little windy on NGR, but calm and warm on Summit Road.

There were a whole bunch of these "M-360" riders on The Mountain this morning - apparently some kind of church club / charity ride combo.


Rider Jim from my health club team happened upon us on Summit Road, just in time to catch this deer dart across the road.  Close call.

Jim, JB, and Deer

And THEN, just before the Lower Parking Lot, a RATTLE SNAKE squirmed in front of me.  I shouted out to JB because he crashed once when he ran over a snake, but he didn't hear and almost ran over it anyway.

100% click-worthy...

Deer and Snake from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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AZWildcat said...

Scott - there is an online petition I thought you and your readers would be interested in called "Lisa Mangat, Director, California State Parks: Improve Safety for Cyclists and Drivers in Mount Diablo State Park by installing Solid Double Yellow lines on appropriate Blind Curves to reduce collisions between bicycles and/or motorists.."

Here's the link: