Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 SMR 26

Little windy at the lower elevations.  PG&E had some helicopter operation going on with road blocks and everything.

No sign of any fires though.

Zoom in for helicopter shot.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer at the vineyards.

At the Junction I met Alan - with the Mount Diablo Cyclists advocacy group - they're the folks who got the "don't pass around blind turns" signs up.  He says there's an auto-bike collision on the Mountain every two weeks.  Now he's trying to get no passing zones and double yellow lines at the appropriate spots and he had a petition that I signed.  Pretty much everyone else there signed it too.  Alan seemed to have a very good understanding of how to actually get this done so I am optimistic and may get personally involved as well.

They don't appear to have a web page but there is a Facebook page where people post videos of close calls and stupid drivers, etc.

FacebookLink  Tell them Diablo Scott sent you.
 Wind died out above Junction and it was very nice riding.

This is the "one mile to go" stump....
just below Devil's Elbow

DUDES!!!!  This is one way UP!!!

Gotta get home to watch the Alpe d'Huez Stage

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Big D said...

If you had your camera rolling at the intersection of Walnut/Bancroft and Ygnacio I would be the guy coming toward you in the white shirt, black shorts and blue visor (I was running not cycling). I saw the Klein on the opposite corner and thought "I wonder if..." Sure enough it was.

By the way, this would have been on your way off the mountain, not up.