Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 SMR 24

Eight at The Gate

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys at Rancho Arroyo

Death Ride is today... I lack the requisite awesomeness even to attempt it.

Somewhere on NGR we smelled smoke and got concerned about a fire but the smell went away.

We didn't see Dudley or Sergeant Slow - joked that they must be doing the Death Ride.... turns out they were both on Summit Road.

JB went down SGR for some misguided nostalgic reason, I went up to Summit because I'm Diablo Scott.

Had to be home to meet my contractor by 11 so didn't stay long at the Upper Lot, did a couple laps and went down.

Drafting a cement mixer.... good times.

Think they'll ever fix this section?

Fog in the central valley

Maintenance on Mary Bowerman Trail

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