Saturday, July 04, 2015

2015 SMR 23

Cast of Regulars:  Sergeant Slow, Kasters, Keith, and Tuck

No JB... not sure why but he did have baseball tickets for this afternoon.

I was expecting a lot of cars with picnic folks since it's the Fourth of July, but it was actually pretty quiet.

In the news... this unfortunate event happened last night:

DANVILLE -- A tree fell on Mount Diablo State Park campers Friday night, injuring two people, according to news reports.
 The tree toppled over at the Live Oak Campground around 10:40 p.m. Friday, according to KGO. One camper was taken by ambulance to a hospital and another was airlifted, KGO reported. The extent of the unidentified campers' injuries wasn't confirmed by noon Saturday.
Two campsites remained closed, but the campground is open, said Bruce Erickson, who was working the South Gate kiosk Saturday.

At Juniper I called it quits because my legs felt like bags of sand.

This guy passed me on the way up AND the way down.

New Gear Registry:  Gloves

These old Specialized gloves were pretty nice... just the right amount of padding in the right places.  Unfortunately the padding now is all smushed and shifted to the wrong places.  Also... I'm not sure if that's salt or snot across the knuckles there... but I don't think my knuckles perspire that much.

New gloves are Pearl Izumi - with an innovative velcro strap that's kind of in the wrong place but you don't notice after you get them on. Apparently, black is the new blue because the only pair of blue gloves at the shop were for children... literally 95% or more of the gloves were black.  I'll get used to it.  My hands still get numb though.

No sense trying to disguise the snot wiping strip.

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