Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year's Summit 2016

Yup.  It's cold.

Here's my cold weather protective gear - from top left:

1.  Glove liners - because layers.
2.  Helmet - same as always
3.  Booties - my bootie line is 30°F so I nixxed these at the last minute since it was 31°F.
4.  Ear warmer band
5.  Head warmer beanie
6.  Sock liners
7.  Winter in Flanders socks
8.  Neck warmer - also nixxed.
9.  Bibs
10. Tights
11. Italian Alps jersey
12. Thermal undershirt

I didn't see any other riders until Junction - so I thought I might be the first rider to Summit in Year 2016.  Until Junction when 4 riders passed me.

Then I didn't see any riders on Summit Road until Smooth Joey passed me while I was stopped at Toyon to futz with my camera battery.

Diablo Shoutout:  Smooth Joey at Toyon.

So I'm pretty sure I was Cyclist No. 6 to Summit Diablo in Year 2016.

By the time I started down, Summit Upper Lot was packed with people, Summit Road saw a constant stream of riders coming up, and Junction was having a cyclist party.  Colonel Al said something like 600 riders had Junctioned by noon.

Diablo Shoutouts:  Blog Reader Big D, who recognized me at Junction, and Blog Reader Encina Mike a little farther down my descent.

Yes - that's real snow!

Product Review:  Selle San Marco Rolls Rino

Holy cow (LOL) best saddle ever.  Diablo Wife wanted me to get the Brooks Cambium because it's not leather but it's way too expensive and I'm not sure that Brooks is a good match for my saddle-human-interface so I put this one on my Amazon Wish List and Diablo Parents came through.  I did verify that it's not actually rhinoceros hide... it's Asian Water Buffalo, and sorry Mr. Buffalo but you look STUNNINGLY beautiful on my winter bike.

I was trying to figure out how long I'd had that old saddle - the oldest on-line photo I could find was from 2005 so it's at least 10 years old.  I bought this bike in 1993 and possibly bought the saddle at the same time - I'm pretty sure I didn't have it on the previous bike. There we go - at least 10 years old, max 22 years old. The more I think about it, the more I think it's 22 years.

This photo is from 2005:
Ultegra 8-speed STI, new Gossamer compact crank, Rolls Titanio saddle.

Now the old saddle was looking pretty sad, and it creaked and sagged so I definitely needed a new one.

And Diablo Brother gave me a professional set of Park Allen Wrenches for Christmas so on December 26th I went out to Diablo Garage and did some surgery.  That's when I discovered the reason for the old saddle's sagging and creaking... as soon as I took the saddle out of the clamp, one of the rails just fell off.

And finally - the best dog in the world shares his birthday with the New Year.  Happiest of birthdays to my sweet Isaac.  I offered him an assortment of goodies, but he opted instead for extra bush-smelling time on our evening walk.

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