Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 SMR 18

Nice and cool this morning.

Bunch of people coming down early made me wonder if there was an event I didn't know about.

Today's Colorful Socks prize goes to this rider: 

What is that... Tutti-Frutti?

Diablo Shoutout to Jackie - who said she might show up for a Wednesday Night Ride one of these days.

We got passed by a LOT of people today. 

Wildlife Encounter:  Two deer ran across the narrow Summit Wall in front of me while I was climbing.  First an adult, and then a young one.  They ran from the right side up into that space between the up and down one-lane roads.  I was careful in case there were more hiding in the bush waiting to take me out.

 People are always posing for photos at the Summit.  What do they do with all those pix?

Coming down, I suddenly got a very strange and severe knee pain.  It was right on my kneecap and I could move it but I couldn't put any pressure on the pedal.  I tried standing and it was even worse.  I imagined this being the beginning of the end of my cycling days, but then it went away... not completely but enough for me to ignore it.

I almost challenged this guy to a track standing competition.  He wasn't bad but he needed to see what it's supposed to look like. Then the light turned green.

Checked my tires when I got home.  After every ride it's getting a little closer to needing to put new ones on... good for at least another ride.

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Eric Jorrin said...

That knee pain...sounds achingly familiar. I suffered the same, and I tracked the cause of it to riding a more traditional Dutch bike...I had made a wrong move, putting too much pressure on the pedals from a slightly wrong angle. One of the muscles in the knee developed a spasm, which ruined 2 out of 5 days London-Edinburgh a couple weeks after, forcing me to take a seat in the support vehicle. Only one thing to do, which is rest it well, then start doing running and other exercises where the pressure on the knee joint is varied somewhat. And be careful with it. Took me 18 months to get it back to the way it was...