Saturday, June 04, 2016

Ride Ataxia NorCal 2016

Last year for this ride, Kevin pulled his son in a kiddie trailer.  He's too big for the trailer now so Kevin liked my idea of doing this ride on my Bike Friday Tandem.

I packed my fixie just in case he flaked on me.  He showed up just in time.

Kyle Bryant is the ride coordinator for these rides all over the country.  He makes sure to greet everyone and express his appreciation. 

I had him autograph my bib number.

 There were probably 30 people in wheel chairs at the event.  Some riding, some helping, some just being there.  All of them had incredibly positive attitudes; and they were a constant reminder of while we were all doing this.

Special guest rider:  Ed!

Davis is flat.  That means no blind curves for cars to not pass on.

I gave Kevin my camera to capture the stoker view.

Kyle rides a cool recumbent trike.

Kevin... not pedaling.

This shot is set-up of course... but it came out OK.

Le obligatorie video:

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