Saturday, July 02, 2016

2016 SMR 21

Fun day on The Mountain.

Literally Brazillians of riders.

Cool and breezy down low, warm and still up higher.

JB said his bottom bracket has finally gotten so crunchy that he took the plunge to order a new one... plain old square taper spindle so he can use the same crank, but he made sure there are some triple cranks that will fit it... just in case.  I don't think he's thought through all the stuff you have to do to convert to a triple.

Several really tall riders this morning too.

There's like room for another wheel under that saddle!

Oooh, a Zinn Magnesium.

 Click for a laugh:

Welcome to four members of the UCLA Triathlon Club.  Pretty good climbers (faster than me)... not so great at descending (slower than me).

This guy passed me descending at Junction, and then slowed me down the rest of the way.

He kept looking back at me so he knew he'd made a mistake... 

I didn't want to push him to go faster than he wanted though, so I kept a big gap.

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