Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016 SMR 23

Regular Saturday Morning Summit.

How you guys doing this morning?

Something's wrong, my new bottom bracket doesn't feel crunchy.

Did I mention I put new tires on last week?

This guy was having a hard time, but he was determined.
We saw him stopped a couple times, too tired to go on, but not giving up.

This guy rode behind us for a while on Summit Road -
JB said "There's no awards for keeping up with us."
I said "Yeah, it's actually kind of embarrassing."

He is from Danville and he said the long descent makes him kind of nervous
so he doesn't do Diablo very often.

Another driver who doesn't get it, just about GOT IT

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Jimmy Schweb said...

Diablo Scott: I just read a great interview (2 parts) with Dennis Christopher and thought you'd like it for your Breaking Away Tribute.

If you ever get to Bloomington let me know.