Sunday, August 07, 2016

Dumbarton Endurathon

This morning I dropped off Diablo Daughter and her boyfriend at the Yoobi-Con in Newark.  They had a big day planned so I figured I'd bring my bike and do some riding while I was there.  Looking at Google Maps for some good routes I realized I've never ridden across the Dumbarton Bridge before so that'd be my plan.

The access roads didn't look to be in the best shape and there were lots of ride reports on-line describing debris and potholes... so I took the sew-ups off of the Merckx and put on my more robust tires... turned out to be an excellent choice.

I parked at the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge and there I met another bike rider who offered to come along.  He had a steel Rivendell bike and an Italian jersey and he appreciated my bike and my Flemish socks.  Amado was on an epic ride from San Jose and had a long trip back home so after the first bridge crossing we parted ways.

Then I rode across the bridge 5 more times, and also along the pier and then I discovered the Shoreline Trail - wow that was some fun riding on top of a 10-foot wide levy with waves crashing on the side.  It was hard-packed dirt so not too dusty but still needed some technical riding skills.

Then Diablo Daughter called to say she was ready to be picked up, and the ride ended with 50 miles in the books.

Dumbarton Endurathon from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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