Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016 SMR 28

Pre-ride tire pressure check and noticed this:

Yeah, that looks terminal.  Better take the back-up bike today.

Why do these cuts always happen to the expensive tires?  
Oh yeah, because I DON'T RIDE CHEAP TIRES!
That one was still pretty new though.  I think I remember running over some hunk of metal on Wednesday night... that's probably what did it.

The Back-Up Bike
Still dirty from the Dumbarton ride.

While we were at Junction some guys were coming down, lead by a kid on a MTB and the kid went down NGR and then the guys behind him screamed that he missed the turn and they had to chase him down and come back up... we all got a chuckle out of that.

These guys passed us near The Pines... but then couldn't stay ahead.
 Diablo Disgrace badges for each of them.

Air quality and visibility is pretty bad because of the fires to the east and south.

I can confirm that the water fountain
is working in the Lower Lot.

 Hey, that's a US Pro Champion jersey...
 is this guy famous?

Cal Jersey automatic blog photo.

There are lots of new safety signs up now.

Roadkill Report:  an possum at North Gate outside The Park

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