Saturday, October 15, 2016

2016 Foxy's with Vladimir

My 16-year old neighbor Vladimir decided to do another organized ride with me, and together we selected Foxy's.

We dodged a bullet because there was a big storm this weekend and it turned out the ride time was about the only time it wasn't raining.  So it was a little cool and a little windy but thoroughly enjoyable.

I also enjoy passing along cycling knowledge to the younger generation, so the night before we went over all the preparations and what to expect and what to bring, and did some bike maintenance.

Vladimir paid attention to my safety instructions, and ride courtesy suggestions, and even a few more advanced cycling tips.

We got behind a couple of hipsters on fixies and he may have put out a little too much effort keeping up with them, but I explained the rule about not passing unless you're sure you can stay in front, and after a while we let them go.

Toward the end of the ride it got quite a bit windier and Vladimir started to suffer... just enough that I was sure he would remember the ride as an endurance event that he succeeded in, and it wasn't easy... that's kind of the point, right?

Foxy's was the ride when two years ago I broke my ribs in a crash.  We didn't ride by that spot on the 50km route, but I did walk past the place in the lunch room where I sat with a bag of ice on my chest; still at that point unaware of how badly I was hurt.  There was no sentimental moment associated with it.

Ride photos by Captivating Sports Photos.  This is a really nice perq that the Davis Bike Club offers - I guess they pay to have all the photos be available for free, rather than the usual model of having "proof" photos on-line with watermark/proof/branding that an individual can buy a nice electronic or physical copy of.

Back home and it started to rain - like I said, the timing was fortuitous.

Obligatory event video:

2016 Foxy's With Vladimir from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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