Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 SMR 37

Ready for rain, but there wasn't much of it... just a little drizzle at The Summit.

Roadkill Report:  an opossum at The Approach

JB's on vaction, but new guy at work Justin came along.  He'd been to The Junction only once on our Wednesday Night Ride - today he was looking forward to a Summit.  Except at Junction he decided he was pooped.

This ranger was observing riders stopping at the new Juniper Stop Sign - or not stopping.  The guy behind me got a bull-horn admonishment.

Tarantula Tally:  one.

Al and I stopped to talk to the stop sign ranger on the way down, Jason I think his name was.  He had a good attitude and just wanted the riders to be safe and aware.

I put my sew-ups on last night but I didn't get the brakes adjusted right and they were squeaking like a goose all the way down.  THEN, at Moss Landing, I feel my spare tire fall out from under my saddle.  I stopped quickly to turn around but then I somehow tangled up my chain and couldn't get going right away.  This guy below, asked if I was OK, because I was off the bike and I said "Yes... and THAT'S MY TIRE UP THERE by the way."

I think this guy below was his riding buddy.

 THEN, the first guy stops to PICK UP MY TIRE!
(I didn't actually see this until I reviewed my video).
Just then, blog reader Mike happens by, and he helps me get my chain untangled, and look for the tire.

No luck... but he did find the piece of T-shirt that I had it wrapped up in.

Now I don't honestly know if the tire snatcher didn't HEAR me or understand me when I said my tire was up there... or if he planned on turning it in to lost and found, or if he's just a thief.  But I would sure like my spare tubular back.  If anyone recognizes him, please put us in touch - thanks.  It looks like this:  


Mike said...

That's incredible!

That explains why I didn't see the tire as I continued up!

I mentioned that I said "Good Morning!: to BOTH of those guys as they passed me. Neither said a thing. I got some kind of elbow flick from the first guy (the one who picked up the tire). I noticed the 2nd guys jersey said something about Christian Riders

That's about all I got from them. I say dirt bags!

Diablo Scott said...

They don't show up on Strava FlyBy - so I can't send them a message. Thanks for the help, buddy.