Saturday, November 12, 2016

2016 SMR 39

Dressed too warm today - there was a little rain overnight but this morning it was bright and clear. Pavement was a little damp is all.  I was cooking in tights and a windbreaker.

Roadkill Report:  a mouse... flat and dry.  There were a lot of vultures in the sky though.

This guy was eyeing my beautiful vintage Eddy Merckx with the Vittoria Pave sewups and San Marco Rolls saddle with RINO hide... good eyes.

Thought I had my brakes figured out after last week's ride, but brought a 4mm allen just in case.  Right here is where I realized I needed another adjustment.

Finally after the fifth adjustment, I had it good enough

Oh look, the cloud of doom (in the shape of Trump's hair) is hanging over Contra Costa County.

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