Saturday, November 19, 2016

2016 SMR 40

Every Saturday morning I walk my dog Isaac 🐕 about 6:30 and evaluate the weather conditions to determine what I should wear on my Saturday Morning Ride... or even if I have to cancel it.  The report today was for rain all morning and the skies were pretty dark, but it wasn't raining yet and there was kind of a blue patch over in the southeast so I figured tights and a regular jacket, not the rain jacket.

Got to the Gate and waited for JB but he didn't show.  Only saw a few other riders go up.  We all gave each other the nod of acknowledgment - people who like cycling in the rain belong to an exclusive club... that you can join by cycling in the rain and liking it.

I was totally prepared to turn around at Junction.  Got real windy up around the ranches.

This guy came up SGR and got to JNXN the same time as me.

Yup, turn around.

I love these dramatic weather photos.

Doyle always recognizes me and waves.  I think I only met him once though.

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