Saturday, April 01, 2017

2017 SMR 11

JB's out wine tasting today, so it was a solo ride.    Sometimes these solo rides are an excuse to do less than a full Summit; I was not in excuse-making mode.

Passed-em:Passed-me ratio was 0:1.  More riders coming down than going up.

New prescription sun glasses... yeah, nice to see good again.  Also new cleats I got with my REI dividend.

Wildlife Encounter:  flock of turkeys at the Dumpster Gate.

Bug flew into my throat near Penny Lane.  Fortunately he went down without a fight.

Roadkill Report:  snake... looks like he really suffered.

Wildlife Encounter:  fuzzy brown caterpillar.

Roadkill Report:  fuzzy brown caterpillar... I may have had something to do with that one.

I realized about the Ranger House that my knee hadn't been hurting - thought maybe I went to shorts too soon and today since I had tights on that made the difference.  Then I got a couple twinges, so... nope.

Started getting windy about The Bump.  Got pretty bad about Chainbuster.  SGR guys said it was only bad past the Helicopter Pad, but I decided to go up instead.

Got worse and worse though, and by Lookout Point I threw in the towel.  Found out when I got home that they issued a strong wind advisory!  Saw Justin from work getting started as I was finishing, and he messaged me that the wind died down for his ride and he made the Summit OK.

Hey, this looks like the same guy I saw here last week.

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