Saturday, April 08, 2017

2017 SMR 12

Oh boy!  Forecast was for early rain followed by sun.  I prepared last night with rain jacket, booties, and other stuff.  Paris-Roubaix is tomorrow and I'm feeling Flemish.

Rained hard all night, but then it appeared to be over by 7am.  I left the booties and rain cape at home.

Lots of clear blue sky!  

Then I saw it.  The dark cloud over The Summit.

Me and JB figured the strong sun would burn off the rain cloud.

But the cloud got bigger and the rain started to come about Chainbuster.

While we were taking our Junction break, the rain got heavier and we knew the ride was over.

On the way down, we got HAILED ON.  Hail stones were the size of rock salt...  I got a little hungry.

All the way home, I kept convincing myself that I like riding in crappy weather.  I'm not sure if I fooled anybody.

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