Saturday, October 06, 2018

2018 SMR 38

Wednesday night's ride on the Merckx was kind of a "dust off the cobwebs" run and afterwards, I went to buy some new brake pads and was looking forward to riding him again today, but getting the pads on was a little more involved than I expected so I didn't get it done in time.  Oh well, I'll have to ride my Klein again... first world problems.  I need to dedicate a day to bike maintenance though and get everything done at once.

The Challenge is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to being a volunteer again.  

Got a slow flat at Son of Chainbuster so I stopped to fix it.  JB was short on time so he didn't wait.  I have had extraordinarily good fortune with my tires this season; in fact I can't even remember the last flat I had.  In fact, when I opened my seat pack to get my CO2 inflator, I didn't even recognize it!  I have a vague memory of breaking my previous one, but I don't remember buying this one.  Here's a note to my future self:  search this blog for "the last flat I got" and then you'll find this message.  I think I'll tag all my rides with flats like that so I can make a chart or document my good fortune or something.  I didn't find anything in the tire, so that made me worry it was still in there somewhere waiting to puncture the new tube, so I decided to quit at Junction.

Better to fix a flat on a paved area cuz the gravel gets everything dirty... but I wasn't thinking straight.

Rear clincher tire on the Klein is squared off but still has another dozen rides or so.

Rear tubular tire on the Merckx is squared off but still has a couple dozen more rides or so.

New heel pads *and* new brake shoes?  It's like Christmas in October!!

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