Saturday, November 16, 2019

2019 SMR 37

Very pleasantly cool this mornng.  There was a little fog in the valley.

Not very many people on The Mountain, me and JB wondered if there were some event going on elsewhere.

At Junction, a guy drove up and asked me if I would help him carry a bench.  He was a volunteer that was refurbishing the Pete and Monica benches, so the first one was done and we put it back next to the Ranger Door.  And then I helped put the other one (by the stairs) in his vehicle so he could take it home and refinish it as well.  Make sure you notice them next time you Junction.

There were a lot of hikers today, most of them parked at Juniper.  At Summit one of them asked if she could take a photo of my bike.  I asked "Why?" and she said she was an Eddy Merckx fan!

Going down from Summit I sight Linda K coming up.  I turned around and rode up with her to the Lower Lot and congratulated her on her ONE MILLION FEET OF CLIMBING IN A YEAR trophy that she will be completing on Friday.  I won't be able to ride with her that day but hopefully she has a good group to celebrate with.  By the way, a million feet in a year is an average of Six Summits per week for 52 weeks.  I told her she made it look a little too easy; finishing a month early.

Putting the Monica bench in his vehicle for refinishing.

This guy said "nice bike" when he passed me.  So he gets blogged.

This rider about hurled at the top of The Wall... HAZZAH!

I really like this color of blue for a jersey.  As a bonus, it gives a sort of fluorescent shimmer to the snot on my sleeves.

Two of Diablo's celebrities!

This rider passed me at Moss Landing and then slowed down. 
I followed her for the next 6 miles thinking it'd be rude to pass her back.

You will love this... trust me.
Culture Club, No Doubt, Italian cotton sew-ups, and my shadow, harmonizing on Summit Road from Blue Oak to Juniper... artfully edited and produced.


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