Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2020 WNR 30

 Last Wednesday ride of DST!  Boy it was cold this morning, so I over-dressed and then it warmed up and I over-heated by the time we got to The Bump. Just a week ago I was saying how I was ready (emotionally prepared) for winter.

Charlie and I talked about COVID and plumbing problems and Trick-or-Treaters. He had set a goal of 6,000 miles for the year and he can still do it but he can't slack off. I'll probably make 6,000km, but I was on injured list for a while, and no centuries this year.  We also commented on how our friend and colleague Shawn O had been recording some impressive cycling accomplishments on Strava.

Then near The Washout I get passed by Local Legend TED. He recognized me and my bike. He recently had neck surgery and was riding wearing a NECK BRACE! We exchanged reverent pleasantries and then he rode away.

At Junction, Charlie and I talked some more with Ted. He said he's been riding Diablo for 50 years! I asked how he got introduced to cycling way back in 1970 and he said he was a Francophile and learning about French language and culture and cycling was part of that. We talked about old-timey bikes including brakes and shifter systems that never worked right.

Also at Junction, from South Gate Road an SUV drove up with some frat-boy types sitting in the windows with their heads out the top having some stupid fun, but the Ranger in the shack saw them and went off in pursuit to give them a safety lecture and maybe a ticket.

It was too hot for an add-on segment in my retro long-sleeves and tights, so Charlie and I went down on opposite sides. The end.

Ted and his neck brace

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