Saturday, February 11, 2006

Diablo Junction - 23 miles

Just me today so I slept in a little bit. Rolled out at 9am and that extra hour of sunlight really warmed up the air. I had shorts on for the first time this year, and a long sleeve thermal shirt under a short sleeve jersey. Also first time on the Klein since the New Year's Day ride. Lots of broken glass on Bancroft near Countrywood - probably a wreck and the tow truck didn't clean up.

Started up pretty quick but I've been coughing a lot and hacking up some gross sticky stuff so I was limited on aerobic capacity. A little ways up the road I saw a couple guys I figured I could pass easily but then they pulled off as I got closer - I greeted them and one guy said "We did it! 1.7 miles!" I said "All right! Time for a beer!"

Felt like I was getting a good ride in; even if it was a little slow it was faster than any recent ride in full winter clothes. I pulled off below the Lower Ranch for a minute to take a phone call (wife relaying semi-important work message) and one guy came by me so I gave him some encouragement. Also a car slowed down to see if I might be in trouble but I just gave them a thumbs up and they kept on going. After I started up again I thought I might catch the other rider but I never did see him. Looked around for something interesting to write about but didn't see any critters or anything. Junction time was 44m47s - oh well, it's February.

Talked to a guy at the Junction who had a classic steel bike (Austro-Daimler) set up with a flip-flop hub - he even had the rear respaced for 120mm. We discussed classic steel bikes and flip flop hubs, sew up glue, and college savings plans. Then I had a beautiful ride back down. Can't hope that the weather is going to stay this good until spring, but can enjoy it for now.

I am REALLY looking forward to the Tour of California!

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