Saturday, February 25, 2006

Junction plus Blackhawk

Got to the Gate at the same time as Rick and JB. Nice day, a little cold but spring is almost here.

We started pretty quick and had a little talk about the Tour of California and other current events. Then we had some good natured testing of each other with little attacks which were more like mini intervals.

Wildlife Encounter: A millipede (big fat one) and a coyote (above Bump).

Below the Upper Ranch we were still all together and I heard Jay's voice behind me say "A Klein on Diablo - must be Scott". We exchanged pleasantries and then he passed everyone. After the Upper Ranch, Rick launched the decisive attack. JB followed and for quite a while there was Rick, then 20 seconds, JB, another 20 seconds, and me. Finally after Chainbuster JB closed in on Rick a little bit and I stayed within a minute but couldn't close. After he finished Jay turned around and rode me up to the line and my time was 48m55. Felt like a harder ride than a couple weeks ago when I was a few seconds faster, but that one was in much warmer weather.

We hung around the Junction for a while. Jay had some "Lion of Flanders" socks on that were really cool and he said he also had a flag in his garage. Today in Belgium was the Het Volk race so we talked about that a little too; hardly anyone else I know follows the early season classics as much as I do so that was a treat.

JB suggested Blackhawk and off we went. After the descent I was the one who put in all the moves. Diablo Road, Blackhawk Road, Tassajara, La Gonda - every little sprinter hill I enjoyed applying some pain. Rick did a pretty good one in Danville but otherwise it was all me. It's all about power to weight on the long climbs, and undivided power on the shorter ones.

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