Saturday, October 21, 2006

Back in the Saddle!

Nine days post-op. I knew I could do it but I didn't know how I'd feel so I avowed to take it easy. The nights have been cold but it's been getting really warm by late morning; I wore some arm warmers and had to roll those down before we even started.

The winds were strong and gusty, there was even a strong tailwind going up the Bump! I felt fine the whole way up. There's some stretchiing kind of sensation at the laparoscopic points but no real pain and no feeling that anything is going to rip or tear (as there was the first few days).

JB decided to drop Rick and me in the last mile. Other than that it was just a lazy ride. We talked to a couple guys at the Junction who were new to cycling and had some equipment questions. They weren't sure if the bikes they had bought were good choices but we assured them that they were fine. They even asked about Rivendells so they did their research but I guess they didn't do too much test riding. They weren't young guys so they must have been ex-runners or something because they appeared athletic enough. Hopefully they'll become regulars.

Next week the Low Key Hillclimb Series comes to Mt. Diablo. Should see some impressive times to the Summit from the North Gate. Sign up HERE.

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