Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Plans

to do Foxy's with Rick tomorrow got the kibosh when my appendix swelled up on Tuesday.

Here's the history:
Tuesday morning at work, started to get a stomach ache; got pretty severe over the next hour or so and I went home and slept the rest of the day. Felt a little better in the evening. Antacids didn't help. Appendicitis was one thing that crossed my mind, as was e-coli (been in the news a lot lately) but I figured it was just a stomach ache.

Wednesday morning at work it was still pretty bad so I called my doctor, got a same day appt, she sent to get a cat scan, they sent me to the ER, they sent me to get an X-ray, and then told me to go admit myself. Wednesday night about 11:30 I sucked in my first ever breath of anesthetic and went under the knife (figuratively, it was laparoscopic).

Thursday morning by 8 o'clock I was walking around with three bandages on the outside of my shaved belly and no appendix on the inside. Discharged from the hospital Wednesday afternoon. Couldn't have been any smoother and the pain is completely tolerable if I'm not doing anything but squatting and lifting hurt quite a bit so here I am unable to ride or wrestle with my daughter.

Not sleeping too well either so maybe I'll do some late night updates on my photos page. What I really need to do is get my winter wheels and the fender on my Merckx.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Scott! I depend upon your cycling vignettes during the week to keep my mind off work and on cycling!

Scott said...

Thanks, I'm trying.

Rode my fixie to work today (Tuesday), first time on the bike so that was nice. Hoping today will also be my first day of no Vicodin too but I might need one at bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are back on your bike (and everything else) soon.