Saturday, October 28, 2006

Got a late start this morning. So late that Rick had already left. It was cold too, I think it was the first time in tights this year, and it was still kind of dark since Daylight Wasting Time starts tomorrow. I had on some Halloween "arm warmers" that made it look like I had lots of tattoos - got a few weird looks from people.

Passed a few people on the way up, that's always a good thing. By the time I got to the Junction though Rick had already left there too so he must have thought I wasn't coming at all. Had to be home early for a kiddie party so I couldn’t go up any higher either.

Wildlife Encounter: A running flock of quail.

The LowKey Hillclimb series came to Diablo today - I checked out the parking lot but didn't see anyone I recognized. The results are posted HERE. Far as I'm concerned 51m37s is the official record from the Gate to the Summit.

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