Saturday, November 04, 2006

Up and Around This Morning

Man I felt like a slug today, first ride of Daylight Wasting Time. Dressed for cold and it was foggy too. Peter, JB, and Rick were already at the Gate when I got there. I have my winter wheels on Eddy now so I guess that's my excuse. I need to move my brake levers up a little bit on this bike to match my now preferred "cobble position" - just like Tom, so I'll probably need some new
handlebar tape too... that'll add some speed.

Rick got a new job and told us about how he turned in his resignation letter to the boss from hell. Peter's back still gives him trouble but he's an aerobic beast as always, even on his Cannondale comfort bike. As we climbed up through the fog I started to get too hot so I pulled down my arm warmers and took off my gloves. Also, I put on my OLD (1988) Look pedals because I broke the pedals on my fixie and swapped things around and don't have my new SPDs yet... anyway, I'm sure those old pedals were slowing me down too and that's why the fourth horseman fell off the back of the gruppetto somewhere near the Bump. Oh yeah, my chain was rubbing the front derailleur in my smallest gear, lots of extra drag that.

The fog layer topped out about Chainbuster and it was sunny and warm. At the Junction Rick and JB went up to the top of the Horseshoe while Peter and I talked. Then Rick and JB and I went down SGR and Peter went back down the North. It was so foggy that visibility and wet road surface were concerns so we took it pretty slowly. Rick thought that we were planning on going back up the easy way but we went through the Hole (muddy) and around through the golf course.

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