Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bring on the Wet!

JB and me today, we both got to the Gate at the same time. It rained last night so the streets were sloppy and the trees were still dripping but nothing was coming out of the sky during the ride.

A slow slog up in the damp fog. JB had his Trek 520 with fenders and one pannier holding his heavy jacket. Hardly saw anybody the whole morning. A few guys coming down on hybrids - I think they were dropped off. A few cars going up. Visibility was nearly zero so not much reason for the usual automobile day users to be up there.

Roadkill Sighting: A couple of big frogs.

Not much to write about, so today's post is photo-heavy. This is not a lens problem, the fog was really that thick.

Took it really slow on the way down, looking for things to photograph.

First wet ride of the year and of course I get a flat! Looked like a sharp piece of rock that splintered off some of the rip-rap. Maybe even a flint!

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