Wednesday, November 22, 2006

JB and I

had a plan to sneak out of work a little early on this long Thanksgiving weekend and get in a ride up the Mountain. I wasn't sure our plan would materialize so I had Jed, the uber urban commuter with lights and fenders and tennis shoe pedals just in case.

The deal was to meet at the Gate at 2:30. He went home first to doff his gear but with about 50 pounds of bike and backpack it took me a little longer than I thought to get there so he got to the Post long before I did at 2:45 so I removed the rock he left there and started the slog up thinking it was good weight training.

When I say "slow slog" I'm talking just barely above hiking pace. In my backpack I had my work clothes, a bunch of old CDs (don't ask), my jacket, and all the junk I normally commute with. It was pretty warm but due to turn frio by dusk.

Never did catch up to JB but had a nice ride anyway and I enjoyed the different perspective that riding so slowly offers. I also developed a new respect for riders who do this on MTBs frequently; this was HARD work.

JB collected my ticket somewhere near Chainbuster and rode me back up to the Junction. We chatted for a while and then wished each other a happy T-day and then split up.

Somewhere on the way home I picked up a piece of glass in my new Serfas MTB slick 1.5's but managed to make it on a soft tire and not stop for a tube change.

Man, that was a workout.

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