Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clear skies and very cold

this morning. I was concerned I would over-dress again, but it was REALLY cold so I risked it and wore my full winter gear other than booties.

Came across BlogReader Chris at the Gate and we talked for a while about recent events until JB showed up, then we all started together.

I felt pretty good, but not fast so it was a gamble to stay with Chris when JB started to drop back but I figgered "what the hell".

By the Bump Chris was ready to ride away but strung me along anyway. By Chainbuster we couldn't see JB anywhere so I assumed he was having a really bad day but then suddenly he was right behind us. So my Junction time was a little over 45m and that was better than JB's by half a minute or so. We noticed they've finally patched the little driveway up to the Junction Picnic Area.

Chris went up Summit Road. I called Part 2 last week so it was JB's turn and he called the Hole. It was a cold descent and then a fun little romp back to Walnut Creek for a yummy Peppermint Mocha coffee at Peet's.

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