Saturday, November 18, 2006

It was a really big rock

that I put on the post this morning at 7:58. The ranger was raising the flags and he probably removed it because JB didn't see it so he "waited" for me and my two minute head start wound up being about twelve.

I rode the whole of NGR solo through a thick lens of fog that was at its most dense near the Bump. Only saw two riders descending the whole ride. Kept expecting to see JB chasing me but never did of course. Finally popped out over the top near the Lower Ranch and it was suddenly quite warm. Now my jacket started to get wet inside the sleeves and it was pretty uncomfortable. Usually I get my clothing selection right but today I should have gone with arm warmers and I probably could have even worn shorts.

At the Junction I munched on a Power Bar and talked to a guy who came up NGR behind me. He said he was 47 and had daughters aged 5 and 7; he was fit and trained and said he used to ride the Mountain every week years ago, but now it was rare to do so.

Finally JB showed up and gave me a little raz about not putting a rock on the post - that's when I realized the Ranger must have removed it. We talked about going up but it was honestly too hot for me so he suggested the Hole and I talked him into Blackhawk. Within a minute we were already descending into the soup. It was even thicker on the Easy Side and my sweaty sleeves were now cold and soggy. In Danville though it was pretty much clear so we had good visibility and played our normal games of sprinting up the little rollers all the way home.

On Camino Tassajara we saw the House of Pain ride go by the opposite direction. A few minutes back was a smaller group that looked like they'd been dropped already - we called it the House of Minor Discomfort.

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