Saturday, April 07, 2007


Today, I was determined not to suck. It's been 68 hours since I've eaten any babaganoush. I got a good night's sleep, I took my vitamins, I drank an extra glass of water, I changed my worn out old rear tire, and I got out the door a little early.

It was cool and windy this morning – there was a chance of rain but I didn't bring arm warmers or a jacket. Found Rick at the Church and then we rode to the Gate together. After a few minutes we left without JB. Didn't start out too fast but I felt pretty good and my heart rate was closer to where it should be (unlike Wednesday).

We passed about five people on the way up. I was barely staying with Rick at some spots but I finished pretty strong at the Junction.

Roadkill Sighting: two dead small snakes.

At the Junction there was a woman rider who was complemented Rick on his color coordinated shoes and bike combination – lots of yellow, including the tires. Rick told her I used to have purple tires and she said those would be the coolest. Then JB rode in – he has one purple tire and one red tire on his purple bike.

It looked foggy at the higher elevations, but we decided to see if we could find some sun; there wasn't any. The fog got thicker and the trees were dripping on us so much it was just like a rain shower. JB made it to Blue Oak before he turned around. I got to Juniper and decided that was enough. Rick went on to the Summit. He called me later to say it was colder and windier and foggier up there – no sunshine at all.

It was a cold descent, but I tolerate the cold pretty well.

Wildlife Encounter: a gruppetto of wild turkeys at the bottom of the Bump. I stopped and watched them for a while and made some turkey noises that must have sounded authentic because I got them to gobble back at me.

Tomorrow: De Ronde!!

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