Wednesday, April 04, 2007


never again to eat babaganoush before a bike ride. Today was the worst day I've had on the bike in a long time. Felt like I was glued to the pavement. My heartrate was over 170 bpm before the climbing even really started and hardly fell below that the rest of the ride.

I got a little bit of a head start on JB and Adam, they caught me well before Moss Landing. JB was feeling good and dropped me like a rotten potato into the compost pile. Adam tried to make conversation but really he was just waiting for a good gap so he could sprint up to JB.

Near the Lower Ranch I see a rider catching up to me and it turned out to be Sarkis! On his FIXIE! He said he recognized my "hunched over the bars" style. Then he dropped me like a pancake into the garbage disposal.

Wildlife Encounter: Two snakes

I stopped to photograph this one. He was crossing the road and when he saw me walking toward him he hurried into the ditch. I used a stick to try to put him back on the pavement for a better background for the picture but he got really mad and hissy. I think he was a baby rattlesnake that didn't have any rattles yet - his head had that remarkable triangular shape that was wider than his body and he coiled back like he knew how to strike.

Roadkill Sighting: Another snake.

No one else passed me in the last couple miles... Adam was already gone when I got to the Junction and Sarkis had already turned back down. JB put on his jacket and we went down together. I didn't descend all that well either.

OK, Saturday will definitely suck less than tonight. Maybe I'll give up babaganoush forever.

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