Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gate-Junction-Blackhawk-Crow Canyon-Iron Horse-Danville Blvd

It really wasn't too cold when I left the house and I figured it would warm up from there so I was in my summer uniform. JB and Rick both showed up with full winter gear on.

It didn't get warmer and I was cold, but not painfully so. My legs turned a little red and my toes got a little numb but I had a fun ride. I lost contact with Rick and JB with about a mile to go and finished at the Junction about 1m30s behind.

Then we did Blackhawk and I got to put in some good efforts. Then we did Crow Canyon instead of Tassajara and that was enjoyable too. Then we stopped at Peet's in Danville, which has got to be the biggest bike poser coffee shop in the Bay Area. There were at least two dozen bikes parked in the racks and leaned against the building. A Serotta Legend Ti looked to be the biggest dollar frame there. We also met a guy there that we'd seen at the Junction: he'd gone up South and down North and wound up in Danville at the same time as us.

The way back to Walnut Creek on Danville Blvd was much more comfortable; with the higher temperatures and a half liter of au lait in my system I was tearing it up.

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