Saturday, July 07, 2007


JB and Rick are both out of town, so just me today and I took my time getting started. After a week of insanely hot weather, this morning was chilly and windy; I figured it would warm up soon enough though.

Dudley Driveby: 8:16am at the Froat Field.

When the wind whips the flags up like this, you know it's going to be a long day.
Lot and lots of people on the mountain this morning, mostly bikes, hardly any cars. It got warmer and less windy all the way up and it was almost hot near the Lower Ranch.
Wildlife Encounter: One baby snake and a couple jackrabbits.

My original plan was to go down SGR and come back up but since it was so windy down below, I decided to summit. That's when I saw this...

Oddball Sighting: A solo guy on a tandem. I didn't ask why, and I didn't make any jokes about losing his stoker, I just asked if I could take his photo.

I took one from the front too but it didn't turn out.

Amazing, but why?

From Muir Picnic Area, about a mile from the Top.

Then I stopped to investigate the area of Rick's Wreck. This is looking down at Biff Point from above, as you'd see it while descending. There's a sort of parking lot for park maintenance vehicles just off to the right there around the bend.

I guess Rick didn't heed the warning.

I like the depth in this shot. Looks better all blown up though.

Yessiree, the Summit Wall is a steep one.

Next week is the Diablo Time Trial, not sure what I'll be doing, but it won't be racing.

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