Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Felt pretty good today, drove to the church and parked. There was a woman there prepping her bike and chatting on her cell phone at the same time. She started riding just before I did and while I was stopped at the stop sign, she turned left and rode up the wrong side of the street like an idiot. I passed her right away.

Wildlife Encounter: a whole swarm of turkey vultures circling over the Loading Dock, must have been something about ready to die but I couldn't tell what it was.

Wow, it got very windy all of a sudden. A little ways up the road Mark A passed me up, said "hi neighbor" and then he was gone. In fact I got passed by a fast guy every couple minutes the whole way up!

Wind died down with about three to go and then I spotted a guy that I thought I could pass near the Upper Ranch. By the looks of him (skinny, shaved, Team Peg jersey) he should have been going a lot faster, maybe he was recovering from pneumonia or something. I accelerated and went around him with a big swig of schadenfreude.

JB and Amanda were already at the Junction along with way too many bugs so we didn't stay long.

Bonus Quiz: Where is this line of pennies in the asphalt? Crap, it's out of focus.


kid kulaki! said...

this is around at the first right turn after the beggining of the climb.

tahiti7 said...

Penny lane, of course