Saturday, July 14, 2007

Danville Blvd-South Gate-Junction-Gate

Watched the Diablo Time Trial today - took photos at the Gate and at Son of Chainbuster; if you think I might have gotten one of you, see my photo site: HERE

JB met me at my house and we rode to South Gate - an hour ride at a very easy pace. Didn't see as many people going up as we thought, but there were some. Started off cool and then got warmer.

After the 1,000 foot elevation sign, we saw a group of three and JB decided to chase them down, and I decided... not to.

Wildlife Encounter: six turkeys near the helicopter pad. I stopped for a photo but then some cars came by and scared them away.

We saw Adam helping out at the TT finish line, watched people coming in for a while, then we went down to watch from a better perspective.

I stopped at Son of Chainbuster and took a lot of photos - I'm not PhotoCrazy but this would have been a good spot to take those kind of shots.

Then I took some more photos from the Start line and went home.


kid kulaki! said...

how can i get a high resolution picture? emil me, i always read your blog. thanks

Diablo Scott said...

Sorry, what's on the Picasa site is all I've got. It's not high res, but it's free.

Thanks for reading!

kid kulaki! said...

thank you and i appreciate your Tagalog greetings!