Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have never cancelled a bike ride because of air quality - I thought today would be the first. Didn't even bring my good bike to work, just rode in on Eddy as usual. Figured if it looked better in the afternoon I could ride part way up in commute clothes and a backpack - and that's what I did... except I kept going to the Junction.

It was windy at the bottom but got calm about half way up. The smoke from Bay Area fires was reducing visibility more than I've ever seen (or not seen) in my 25 years here. I rode slowly, didn't want to have to breathe too hard. Adam and JB passed me early on and I met up with a guy named Lawrence; retired and Bay Area native. We talked about tubulars and centuries and compact cranks.

The air was a little better at the Junction, but the bugs were bad and I turned down, breathing through my nose to keep the taste of smoke off my teeth... also I've heard that nose hair makes a good particulate filter.

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