Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today I rode down to Danville and then up Diablo on the Easy Side to watch the Diablo 10km time trial. Left home just before 8 expecting to get in position on North Gate Road by about 10. Ran over some glass on Danville Blvd but didn't flat. Also it was a steady headwind all the way there. Danville was having a street fair so I stopped to say hello to the greyhound adoption booth folks.

I really don't like riding Diablo Road from Danville to the Mountain but it wasn't too bad today. There were a lot of people parked near the School and unloading bikes. Rick's start time was listed as 10:13 and I wound up being early anyway so I took a lot of photos. If you think I may have gotten one of you but it's not here, shoot me an e-mail with details and I'll look through my thumbnails.

Wasn't nearly as hot today as it has been, it was really nice just sitting on my rock and listening to tunes on my Shuffle and taking pictures.

Rick's looking ready to cat up.

Rozel recognized me.

So did Winston, but I missed the shot.

Semi celebrity Scott Martin.

Gordon with his wrist cast

Adam on his way to a PB.

2007 Diablo Challenge champion, Chris Phipps got third overall on the day.

Local hero Bill Innes on his way to 2nd place on the podium.

Ned, just amazing and inspiring - note aero bar clip ons.

This guy must have his own blog!

La Meta

Results are posted HERE. Ned almost broke the course record (23m27s) with a 23m40s. Rick did a PB but not quite as good as he was hoping for, and Adam blew past the finish line to score a sub 30 on the conventional course all the way to Junction (been his goal for years).

Special photos of merit to Klein riders:

A nice Q-Pro

Another nice Q-Pro

A Quantum Race with a quill stem

Can't read the top tube, but must be a Quantum Pro with that fork.

And a Quantum. The guys who were really going for it carried minimal water on their bike... others like this guy opted for two bottles.


kid kulaki! said...

Diablo Scott,
thank you for taking my picture, i lost chunck of time from my last year's time, ayayay..

thanks again.


Rick said...

Thanks for the great shot Scott!


Rick M. said...


I'd love to get any photos you took of VOS racers (black and red shorts, white or black jerseys, numbers in 300's), but I couldn't find your e-mail address on the blog. If you have any photos of us, we would like to be able to post them on the team website if that's OK.

Rick M.
rickmartyn at gmail dot com

Diablo Scott said...

Sure, I'll take a look. If there's a lot of them I'll put them on my photo site and send you a link. If only one or two I'll e-mail them.

BTW, you have to click on "View my complete profile" to find my e-mail.